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Uche Jombo Calls Out Olori Wuraola Zynab Otiti Over Gender Equality Speech While Daddy Freeze Comes to Her Rescue

Olori Wuraola Otiti and Oba Adeyeye Adewusi are currently in the US,  speaking at the Emerging Women’s Forum, in Maryland, USA, and she said with no offense to anyone that she’s not a fan of gender equality, because she thinks that limits women. Since her husband, the Ooni has his role to play and she has hers but Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo has called out the  Queen on her view towards ‘Gender Equality’.

The Queen said ” “I am not a huge fan of gender equality. We can’t be equal, We cant be men. We have our roles to play here, a very pivotal one.”

She also added that; “The modern pattern of feminism has succeeded in limiting women of the heights they could reach; gender equality is unrealistic. We can never be equal with men, we are here for a great purpose, we have our roles to play we are powerful and we are a force of nature.”

Uche Jombo is of the opinion that the Olori is clueless on the bill of Gender Equality and what it’s fighting for. In an Instagram post she enlightened the Olori on what Gender Equality is about. She said:

Dear Olori, The reason you can hold a microphone and speak in public rather than at the backyard of the palace cooking jollof rice while your husband travels the world, is because of women like you who fought for us to live life and enjoy it equally like anyone else

Please see below a summary of what the fight for gender equality is about: ..
**If I work for 3 hours and a man works for 3 hours, we both deserve to get paid the same
**A woman can now decide that, Marriage shall mean Partnership, Friendship, companionship as well as Passion; not slavery
**I am not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, or more responsible than a man. Likewise, I am never less
**If a man’s virginity cannot be tested on the wedding night, mine shouldn’t be tested as well
**Because my husband has authority in my home does not make me inferior. We are both equal in essence and worth. Our responsibilities are just different
**It means that my character/behaviour is solely guided by my principles not by society’s expectation of how I “should” behave
**It means that I can wear a crown too! Ask Queen Elizabeth
Your Royal Highness, do not be deceived, your belief in this revolution has absolutely no bearing in its movement. Stand tall, behind the king, watch as more women understand this concept, watch as they break the glass ceiling, reaching straight for the moon… and beyond…in their Louboutins 
FYI let's not mistake gender roles for gender equality. I believe she was clearly talking about roles / responsibilities as a woman hence my repost about learning the right meaning of Gender equality.uj

Let's be clear #ujlovers 
Gender roles/ responsibilities and gender equality are different things, the fact that some people think / believe there are the same is why #genderequalitybill didn't go through #Nigeriansenate. 
With or without the bill there are women (which i am one of) that will succeed regardless but the equity fight is NOT about this group. Its about that uneducated woman in her village thinking her life is over because she has 'only' girls...its about that little girl understanding 'working twice as hard because she's a girl' a goal not her only option ... i should know i am an Abiriba girl, was told  thousand things i can't DO because i am a girl...(.😆 look where we are NOW empowering men and women) 
Learn more about gender equity guidelines for free online.💖 FYI let's not mistake gender roles for gender equality. I believe she was clearly talking about roles / responsibilities as a woman hence my repost about learning the right meaning of Gender equality.

In the Queen's defence, Daddy Freeze writes

The Olori of Ife, Her Majesty, Queen Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi, spoke what I consider words of absolute wisdom, when she stated her belief that gender equality is hardly achievable in the modern world. While speaking at the Emerging Women Forum on Thursday, June 16, the queen said; I am not a huge fan of gender equality. We can’t be equal, We can’t be men. We have our roles to play. She can't be more correct and my respect for her has risen 100 fold, hence the proud smile on my face in this picture with her royal highness.

Although feminism in itself is a noble cause, and by definition is "a range of political and social movements and ideologies, that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women, the way many of my Nigerian sisters are going about achieving this is becoming counter productive. Although I agree that men and women have equal rights I absolutely disagree that they are equal. Each gender was beautifully created by God, to serve a purpose and assist the other. However saying they are equal is like saying a cap and a pair of boxers are equal. If you are in doubt, attempt wearing your boxers on your head and your cap on your butt and then brush your teeth with your belt and hold your trousers together with your toothbrush, then perhaps, my point will be better illustrated.

There was a certain young lady I was once courting, I remember trying to pick her her up and carry her, only to be corrected very sternly "don't you EVER carry me, I'm a feminist!" ah.... Lobatan! After that day, I hastily put an end to both the courting and the carrying.

I used to know a guy called Akin who was quite unhappy with his marriage, because he had a very controlling, argumentative wife. This guy was posted to warri by the oil company He was working for, and his wife, who was well educated decided against settling with her husband in warri, choosing to return to the uk to work with an investment bank. Since he didn't want to lose his marriage, the guy found himself traveling back and forth, visiting London on a monthly basis. 

While his wife worked on her career in investment banking, he still paid most of her bills from Nigeria, surviving on noodles and sleeping on a cold bed..... All that changed however when he met pretty Ekaete, who was content with her BSC, wanting her home to be her major investment, indulging Akin in the world of Edika Ikong, Afang, Ekpan ku kwo, piom piom and the likes, tempting him regularly with her 28 inch waist and 44 inch hips; today they have 3 children.

Though some men like feisty, argumentative 'my way or the high way' kind of women, I unfortunately don't fall into that category. I don't enjoy relationships where women stand up to me all the time, putting their feet down, as it's something I consider a major turn off. 
This is one of the reasons why my work relationship with the gorgeous @kaylahoniwo has been so great. she always knows how to get what she wants, without being rude, cocky or argumentative, making me constantly tell her how much wife material she is, and how lucky the man that would make her his Olori would be. *Disclaimer I delete comments that are either insulting or negative on my Instagram page and block the authors. 

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