Friday, 8 July 2016

Are Relationships in Our Generation Now Based on Incentives? is "Love" Now Based on Trade by Barter, or Added Values? - Adejoro Olumofin Asks

Are relationships in our Generation now based on incentives ? Has the Economy made a simple natural behavioral instinct such as "Love" based on trade by barter, or added values?.

Is Obasnajo?, Jonathan?, Or Buhari to blame for "Love" being so costly these days? Based on Direct / Indirect observation, Psychometrics, and a poll from the thousands of emails I receive from readers, "bae" searchers and prospective clients ; it seems like Love in our Generation comes with a price. Do you agree? 

FELLAS: be honest with yourself. Do the following come first these days before you look at a ladys personality or Beauty? - Her Job, the color of her passport?how much she earns, what she drives ? Where she stays? How many degrees she holds? Her business prospects? 

LADIES : be honest with yourself. Do you allow the economy dictate your availability to men?

The economy and hardships around us has made it hard for some Nigerian men and women to believe In this notion of loving with a reward. Abraham Maslow a renowned Psychologist in his hierarchy of needs theory stated that without Physiology we can not reach the love and belonging stage. I.e without ( food, water, basic needs) we can't love appropriately. Has Maslow's theory affected us as Nigerians as a result of the bad economy.

A lot of ladies today say I'd rather be with a rich man who cheats than a poor man who is faithful. Is this a third world mentality? Or now a general way of thought amongst some young women. 

This being said, the economy is always going to be a strong factor in our lives but let's try find love amidst these hardships. You can be rich today and be poor tomorrow I.e the economy is a variable but when Love is built on a strong foundation it will be a constant. 


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