Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Couple Who 'Advertised For A Dog To Have A Threesome With' Are Held After Undercover Operation

A couple accused of trying to have a threesome with a dog have been arrested after an undercover operation. Scott Brister, 45, allegedly advertised on a bestiality site for a mutt to “service” Rhonda Romine, 26. The advert reportedly read: 

"My slave and I are looking for a dog and owner for her first time. "We want her mounted and she will also take care of the owner (male or female). Just shoot me a message."
Brister also reportedly planned to film the sordid session. But the alleged advert was seen by an animals crime detective who pretended to be interested - and offered up a dog. Photos of it were forwarded and the officer wrote in an email: "You think this will work for your slave?"

Brister allegedly replied: “Yes it will.”

Investigators said: "During the email exchanges, Brister and Romine asked if the undercover detective was a cop, showing that both knew what they were doing was illegal."

Brister was charged with arranging the sexual encounter between Romine and the dog. And Romine was charged with conspiracy to commit bestiality.

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