Sunday, 10 July 2016

I Do Not Hate or Dislike Igbo People, I Sincerely Apologize to All Igbo People Who Feel Offended by My Statement - Actress Queeneth Agbor

Nollywood actress Queeneth Agbor received major backlash from her recent interview where she said "Igbo guys are domineering, violent with the crude mentality of women being totally submissive to them." She is now putting out a statement apologising to anyone that was offended by her statement. She said:

On Saturday an interview I granted a respected newspaper,Vanguard was published but curiously I was misquoted and many of my sentence misconstrued. I am issuing this statement for the record purpose and for the sake of posterity. I have a lot of regard for vanguard newspaper despite this unfortunate incident, I do not in anyways hate or dislike igbo people. 

I dated an igbo guy in the past the fact that the relationship didn't turn out right doesn't mean all igbo men are bad. I have met wonderful igbo people much goodness abound among igbo, one person's behaviour cannot be used as a yard stick to define a whole tribe.. I Sincerely apologize to all Igbo people who feel offended by the statement. I have absolute respect for all tribes and will not be too myopic to generalize based on the shortcoming of one man. 

The statement that I would cut corners if my husband is not good in bed and God will understand was misconstrued...... I wish to move on from this unfortunate incident and will not be making reference to this in future interviews.... Once again I apologize to all those that feel ofended. God Bless You All!!!!!!! THanks

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