Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Indonesia Gives 4 Nigerian Death Row Inmates 72 Hours' Notice As They Prepare To Carry Out Next Group Of Executions

The ABC has been told there are 14 prisoners on the list to be executed, including foreign nationals from Pakistan and Nigeria, and one Indonesian woman. Some of them may, however, seek last-minute clemency from President Joko Widodo, meaning their executions could be delayed.

Humphrey Ejike Jefferson and Michael Tutus Igwe ( pictured ) are among the four Nigerians listed and the Nigerian embassy has been been told to visit them as they could be executed around midnight on Friday.

Despite widespread international condemnation from Diplomats and rights groups, President Widodo is determined to push ahead with the execution, insisting Jakarta is fighting a war against drugs and traffickers must be harshly punished.

In a statement, Amnesty International urged "the country's authorities to halt all executions and to take immediate steps to ensure that the cases of all those under sentence of death are reviewed by an independent and impartial body."

The convicts have now been transferred to Nusakambangan prison island, where the country normally puts convicts to death, and the 14 prisoners have reportedly been placed in isolation.

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