Thursday, 25 August 2016

A University Degree Is Just A Degree, It Depends On How You Apply It, But Most Graduate Have No Clue Of What To Do With It - Ali Baba

A university degree is just a university degree. It says you have earned a degree. What you can do with the degree, depends on how you apply it. That explains why many who read Mass Communication either decide to go into broadcast media, newspaper journalism, Public relations, corporate affairs... Many who read law, become bankers, realtors, politicians... Graduates of business administration, take to marketing, banking, consultancy,... 

So it's not about your degree after you graduate. It is about the value proposition your degree has now enhanced. But if you had nothing, the degree will enhance it too, because a lot will then be expected of your no value, as a graduate consign. This is why, when people ask graduate job seekers, what they think they can add to an organization and where they think the organization would need them... They start mopping. 

A friend once asked a guy with 2.2 in Business Administration, seeking to be his executive assistant, what he would be bringing to the table to make him, his employer know that employing him was money well spent... He said he felt like calling the Dean of the Faculty that awarded him 2.2, to ask how he passed. Why? I asked him. Some of these guys have no clue of what to do with their degrees. They went to acquire knowledge and can not apply same. 

Would you believe some law graduates can't draft an agreement? Or even deeds of assignment? I'm even pushing it. Ordinary application letter, let them write one in front of you, Na Wahala. One said she needs a few days to prepare an application for the job of human resources staff, so she can type it out . The prospective employer said, no need. Take a plain sheet and hand write it. Wahala dey! Come and see gbagaun upon gbegaun.. By the way, gbegaun is present continuous. 

But seriously, the failings of our graduates start from the foundation. They are poorly prepared. That is why many organizations spend a lot more brushing them up before throwing them into their organogram. And after they have been polished up, organizations that don't want to spend will start poaching. I have asked many graduates, "Ok, I agree you have a degree. What can you do?" Na there Wahala dey.

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