Friday, 5 August 2016

Fellas‼️‼️ Stay Away From End Result Ladies, They Will Distract You From Road To SELF ACTUALISATION - Adejoro Olumofin

Who an End Result Lady? : Any Lady who is not interested in the PROCESS of you becoming a Leader or you achieving your goals is an "End Result Lady" She has no idea of what you do? Your clients? Your Ideas? Your Dreams? How to help to help you edit a Proposal, contribute Ideas, even to simply encourage you and say baby try again next time , Etc .... 

All she's interested in is when the Cheque comes in or credit alert. It is sad that some ladies don't know what their boyfriends do or his position at the Office. Our role as Gents is to be Lovers, Leaders, Protectors, Providers etc. "End Result Ladies" will distract you from road to SELF ACTUALISATION . 

These ladies are not looking for Love and Affection, they are looking for Help and constantly in Competition with their friends for who buys the first Louboutins, iphone6, Chanel bag on their mans money. 

As fellas, putting our EGO aside we all know we need that Lady who will stand by us when things are tough.. Behind every Great man is a that Women who Understood the PROCESS.. May God help us find this "PROCESS" Lady.. Amen! 


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