Sunday, 21 August 2016

Love Scam: Woman Puts Suspected Nigerian Fraudster, Michael Olagunju On Blast After He Suddenly Vanished From Instagram

I am posting this to address an issue that has grown to be a huge industry throughout the world and I ask you to share this with everyone you know. This is Fisayo Michael Olagunju also known as Hypemasterfish & McFish, he is a 23 yr. old educated male from Lagos, Nigeria. He is a scammer and has spent 2 years working his art on me. 

He caught me right after being diagnosed with cancer in 2014. He waited till I was in my 4th month of chemo and then worked hard to profit from my condition. This story is long and complicated; he had an answer for anything and a plan for every occasion. He even used what was supposed to be a confession and apology promising to pay as a further opportunity to further his practices. There is no reaching these individuals. 

I managed to force him to sign a contract promising to pay me back but had to hire an attorney before I could get the first of what would be 25 payments. It suddenly became nothing more than a bill for him. One that he could only say that he would try his best to pay but this is a phrase he loved to use when he knew full well that he had every intention of reneging on it. I had made a requirement to give back by doing voluntary work to see how serious he was as to his actions in scamming me. 

This was dismissed as he went to spend his weekend with friends so he could be HAPPY. Victims are not always able to identify their scammer, so I am not going to let this go as a simple bill, I am going to prosecute. Individuals are rarely prosecuted because the system is ill-equipped to handle this issue. Michael has suddenly vanished from Instagram but he can’t totally vanish. I ask your help to ensure that Michael comes to justice; I will never see the money I have lost but Michael should not be allowed to further his ambitions to harm others.

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