Thursday, 11 August 2016

Nigerian Posing As An American, Arrested For Duping Indian Woman N1.2m

Omeleze Fred was apprehended in New Delhi, India, after tricking a woman by introducing himself as an American by the name of Benson and showing interest to settle with her in India. He developed friendship with her by posting fake pictures on Facebook.

Fred also convinced her that he would invest $5m in business in India. The victim later received a call from a fake official from customs department at Delhi airport and asked her to pay Rs 2.5 lakhs ( about N1.2m ) towards custom duties as Benson (the Nigerian) was trying to bring dollars and gold into the country.

Believing that, the victim deposited the amount in a bank and later realised that she was cheated. Cops said Fred had been living in New Delhi since 2012 without a visa. After his original visit visa expired, he got fake Indian Visa stickers and pasted it on his passport.

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