Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Photos: Man Buys Rice With N20,000 And The Money Changes To N10 And N5 Notes After He Left, In Ibadan

Some residents of a local community in the Apata area of Ibadan in Oyo were shocked when N1000 notes suddenly turned to N10 and N5 notes after a man used 'juju' to cover the trader's eyes. An eyewitness shared these photos on Facebook with the caption:
Wonders shall never end oooo, my eyes saw something dat my mouth cant just say. Few minutes ago, it happened at where i work at bcj area in apata, ibadan, an hausa man came to buy a bag of rice and he paid the woman selling the rice #20000(1000 and 500 denomination), after he left, d money changed to #10 & #5.....  Wat a world we are in!!!!

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