Monday, 29 August 2016

There Is Great Fear In Nigeria And Most People May Have Concluded That The CHANGE Mantra Was Only 419 - Charly Boy

My people, I no go lie, fear dey catch me for the future of our country.

I know that there is no vaccine against mismanagement/incompetence. Most Naijas may have concluded that the CHANGE mantra was only 419. There is great fear in the land, most people are not sure where the country is headed, and what many Nigerians are asking is whether you feel us, your subjects, if you feel our plight at all.

I see so many of my people walking with their heads dangling over their shrinking shoulders, being swept by hunger and poverty in the land of plenty. God are you there?

My people are desperate for someone to believe in, Nigerians needs a Talk and Do Presido, no go-slow for the matter because many things don scatter. We certainly need someone who practically leads us through this pain with sincere action and not mere intents or words.

I don talk my own, how we go do am? toluoshinThere has always been hunger in the land, it's never easy to build. no country free of hunger built a working system in 500days. security is one check, now the president is working on industrialisation. Without industrialisation no country can be free of hunger. We can't keep importing

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