Saturday, 13 August 2016

You Went IN With Both Eyes Open, Don't Always Expect A Miracle - Adejoro Olumofin Warn Ladies Dating And Marrying Bad Guys

(You went IN with both eyes open ; don't always expect a miracle. Ladies love expecting miracles)

A lot of Ladies today go into Relationships or Marriages well informed about who they were about to date or walk down the aisle with but because of HOPE, DESPERATION, "SEXUAL BRAINWASH 🍆" LOVE, WEDDING HASHTAG they ignore the Clear and Present signs of a RED FLAG. They proceed to begin or share their lives with a guy who they know in their heart of hearts has a Big Baggage or a string of Negative traits that may be detrimental to their relationship success years down the line, yet they go on ignoring these signs and when these negative behaviours begin to manifest some ladies turn to Negative Defense Mechanisms, Fasting & Prayer for Self Gratification and hope for a Miracle to change their Man. Can a man really change 100%??

For example you knew from your first date that your bf was a Chronic Womanizer and he goes after anything In a skirt and u still dated him, or your bf always exhibited violent behavioral traits like him always beating up his siblings or being abusive to his parents and u still took his ring, you knew your bf was into illegal businesses ; yahoo yahoo, drugs, trafficking , fraud; you still dated him or walked down the aisle with him or your bf is a substance abuser i.e drug addict and u still married him. 

Psychologically we are all attracted to different people for different reasons but let's have something at the back of your minds, An adults personality can not be absolutely eliminated but only curtailed. Make sure whoever you date or marry ; you're aware of their negative side and you're sure you can handle / or cope with it because deep in our subconscious we know what is not good for us so dont ignore that little voice.. Everybody deserves a second chance. There's nothing wrong in dating someone with a bad past but just be aware of what you're going into and make sure your skin is thick enough for the situation. 

Question : what do we call a lady who married a man who chronically solicits prostitutes and is looking for a miracle all of a sudden?


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