Saturday, 10 September 2016

"Getting A Job Can Not Cure The Disease Of Poverty, It Is Only Your Own Business That Can Give You Financial Freedom" - Ben Murray-Bruce

There is no field of human endeavor that Nigerian youths do not excel despite having some of the most challenging circumstances in the world. Nigerian youths have ingenuity inbuilt in them. This is why I get sad when I read of youths complaining that the government is not giving them jobs.

Getting a job or being a worker can not cure the disease of poverty. It is only your own business that can cure poverty and give you the financial freedom you need to prosper.

That should be the end result of your education, not a job. And the way to start a business, to become an entrepreneur, is by knowing your purpose and understanding your talents.

That should be the focus of our youths. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria. Do you know that he did not get to where he is today through a job? He used his ingenuity to create value and that became Facebook.

There are many Mark Zuckerberg's in Nigeria. The problem is that they are looking at government instead of looking inwards to their talents and skills!

And it is not only in the area of entrepreneurship that our youths can assert themselves.

Nigerian youths constitute 60% of the population. If our youths awake and unite to pool this massive power, Nigeria will have youth Presidents and youth governors.

If our youth do not unite and use their population to elect youth leaders, they will keep being leaders of a tomorrow that will never come!

This is why I want to appeal to Nigerian youths to stop allowing themselves to be divided by the old breed who have for years profited from dividing Nigeria along ethnic and religious lines.

What I see on social media does sometime give me cause for concern. Nigerian youths too often want to use their God given intelligence against each other over petty differences like tribe, religion and political affiliation.

In this era of change, let our youths be the change they want to see in Nigeria. Accept each other as one and start working to develop your God given talents. When you do, the old breed will have no choice but to grant you the empowerment that you desire.

My name is Ben Murray-Bruce and I just want to make Commonsense!

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