Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Lady Shares Heartbreaking Photos Of Boy Burnt By His Step-Dad For Allegedly Stealing His Mother's N200

Nwogu Davina Kamsiyochukwu shared these photos on Facebook with the caption: 

This boy by name Sofeme is the First Son of Mrs Juliet which she got out of wedlock Before she got married to One Mr Victor George who resides at No26 Owhor Street, Rumudolo, New Layout Rumuigbo in Rivers State, the boy said he is from Degema in Rivers state, and he is just 8yrs old.

The Boy confessed that he is going through hell in the hand of her mother and step father, that they hardly feed him well and he is not in school either. Last week as hunger wired the little boy, he took his supposed biological mother's 200 naira to buy GALA, the step father burn his hand on a hot stove as punishment for this.

This little boy need justice, good people of Nigeria let save this little boy from this inhuman torture, wickedness and suffering.

I don't kn that boy but this is heartbreaking.

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