Friday, 7 October 2016

Shameless London Landlords Offer Women Free Accommodation In Return For Massages, 'Adult Cuddles' And SEX

Creepy landlords are offering free accommodation to 'pretty girls' in return for bizarre favours. A number of peculiar adverts have appeared online offering rooms and flats rent-free, but ask instead for massages , 'adult cuddles' and 'fun'.

One landlord claimed he did not need money from rent, according to ITV .

And he added: "I am prepared to let it out to the right girl in return for help around the house and adult fun. Details to be discussed. Must be discreet.”

Another advert titled 'Free accommodation for pretty young Girl', said: "My house is beautiful safe and very central and I love to have fun (sic)."

One advert required 'attractive' female respondents to take part in “a 15 min adult cuddle once a week”.

They claimed to have 'spent a small fortune' on updating their 'small but very cosy' apartment and told any potential scammers they would be spotted 'way before you get here.'

A journalist writing for MailOnline posed as a 26-year-old student new to London to test out the application process.

Journalist Helen Croydon chatted with 'John', a health club owner.

She said: "Never married, he divulged he did not want a 'typical girlfriend' but wants 'a companion and someone to go out with occasionally."

And she added that another man had offered a double room in a shared house near Bloomsbury - but only if he could visit for sex.

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