Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Dear Nigerians! Stay In Your Own Damn Country, This Is A Wakeup Call - Adejoro Olumofin

I've been irritated at some posts on social media today I just had to speak out. It is my duty as a Nigerian who has a voice and influence to speak up.

The youths in Nigeria don't even believe in their Trade, Crafts or degrees anymore, Our generation has sold out , we have allowed our brains to be hypnotized / mesmerized by the Cognitive Archetypes and inferior complex notions that without the west ( Britain, USA, Canada) we won't make it. Who said so ? The Chinese did it, they grounded all planes and didn't allow anybody leave the country for years, they built their country from the scratch and they did great. The same Americans are borrowing from them now.

We Nigerians are the best and brightest in Africa but we take our brains and talents to other countries for cheap, selling out our birthright for a pot of stew ( Dollar) and all sorts of discrimination and abuse.

I won't lie it is not easy because our government hasn't made it easy for us with all the debt, corruption and backwardness our children may inherit but we have to try.

Dear youths ‼️, why can't we register and form new political parties so we the YOUTHS can take control of our country and put a 40 year old president in Aso Rock who will make things happen for us.

We don't know our worth, we don't know our power. Our culture and personalities have handicapped us to think over progressive and take control of our own destiny.

As my Grandfather told me, only a fool looks and looks, looks without knowing his mind is dead. 


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