Monday, 7 November 2016

If Your Spouse Has Been A Good Person 75-85% Of The Time, I Would Ask That You Forgive Or Overlook Certain Things - Ali Baba

First off, pardon the vulgar word. The exegesis of the message will allow me overlook that. The importance of important thing in a relationship can not be overemphasized. That said, I will like to put it out there, right now, that importance of anything in a relationship may differ from one person to the other. Consequently, when some prefer regular calls, some may just be ok with a text. While some would even need video call. 

A guy told me once that his babe was very touchy about "failure to call" which eventually led to failure to launch. While some ladies can never forgive you for forgetting their birthdays, some would make sure you don't forget. It's in a month! It's in 10 days! It's Next tomorrow! It's 50 minutes away. Some keep Valentines Day holy than The sabbath. 

And while we are on the issue of Valentine's Day, some ladies will break up with you if you don't buy flowers. You did not forget o! You just got her perfumes, cards and gifts. No flowers. That's all. How can you get upset with a guy who bought you a car, or paid rent, or bought you a return ticket to U.K. with all expenses paid, or gave you his spare keys, or married you, or paid your school fees... because he did not come with the driver to pick you at the airport? 

Or because he stood you up for dinner that you were looking forward to. How about the guys? How can you get upset because she didn't make food after she got back home from work, even though she was tired? How can you break up with her because she said she can not come with you to a friend's wedding? Or because she gained weight? Cut her hair? Said NO for that night in question? Or forgot to do something you asked her to do. If your spouse has been a good person on a percentage of 75-85% of the time.... unless the other 25-15% become life threatening or really very terrible, I would ask that you forgive or overlook certain things. So why am I writing about this? It is that a guy sent me a DM saying he his sister left her Bobo because he snores and tosses up and down the bed when he sleeps. She now started dating this guy who didn't snore. But the kind of beating she gets, on a daily basis, makes the snore melodious.

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