Tuesday, 17 January 2017

God Will Punish People Who Call Female Celebrities Prostitutes, But Sing Praises To Hollywood Actresses Who Flaunt Their Nipples - Uche Maduagwu

People who go about calling female celebrities home breakers and prostitutes will never make heaven, as a matter of fact, God will punish them all. What is wrong in a woman being an actress? Or a singer? Must everyone be relegated to the kitchen as full housewives? Just because a woman shows some flesh, or acts seductively in a movie doesn't make her wayward. Why is it that when a good woman is trying to carve a niche for herself in her chosen field, enemies will start talking rubbish? 

These are the same set of hypocrites that will be singing praises to Hollywood actresses even when they flaunt their nipples in public, but when it comes to our own female celebrities here in Africa, they will start quoting bible verses as if they even go to church. If we dont appreciate and celebrate our own, nobody will. People should learn to appreciate the skills and God given talent in our female celebrities instead of insulting or labelling them. 

For the fact that you are too emotionally insecure to date a woman who is in the entertainment industry doesn't mean others will not. Cheating is a choice and not a mistake, so if you had dated one or two girls in the past who are actresses, dancers, models or singers, and the relationship didn't work out fine, that's your own cup of tea. 

Please don't come to the public to advertise your stupidity. I have seen beautiful female celebrities who are doing great in their chosen fields and are also great wife materials. People don't change dear, people are always what they are, so if someone is into entertainment or not, their life style and the choices they make remains constant. The best wife any man could ever pray for is an actress, a model, a dancer or a singer. 

So I will advice that we remove that evil mentality that all female celebrities are prostitutes. In life things happen that break you to pieces, a broken relationship is just one of it, but then nobody prays for a broken heart or home, if your man is not loyal enough to be faithful to you, then you can't blame another woman for capturing his attention dear. 

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