Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Relationships Are Like Eggs, Once It Falls To The Ground, It Breaks, So Stop Trying To Re-Arrange It - Uche Maduagwu

When a good woman walks away she never looks back.... Stop trying too hard to re-arrange what you scattered. Relationship's are like eggs, once it falls to the ground, it breaks. You had all the chances in the whole wide world to be a better husband, to be a better lover, to be a better father but you threw it all away because of your ego. 

There is a level to what a good woman can tolerate, when she is done waiting for you to change and you still don't appreciate her, then she will walk away, she will walk out of the door with her baby too. When she has had enough, no amount of apologies will ever bring her back. 

Note this, she isn't walking away because she has someone new she wants to be with, no, she is walking away because she is broken to a point where she doesn't really trust any man again. It will take sometime before she even start to nurture the thoughts of getting involved with somebody new. When a woman walks away from a relationship... Its a mission of no return.

She must have endured it all, all the late night cries, and unnecessary heart aches are enough motivation for a good woman to leave an abusive relationship. Its over! That's the handwritings on the wall of reality. Stop looking for ways to bring her back. It will only take the grace of God for her to even think of you once in 3 months. Thats how bad it is dear. There is a lesson to be learnt from every broken relationship. 

One of which is this, you can't take people for granted and expect them to stay forever. They say marriage is for better or worse... Well, I just feel that's what it used to be, now a days, people are wiser, if something is not working, its an act of stupidity to keep doing it. We all make different choices in life, the best choice you can ever make is to know when to walk away...when to move on. 

Its painful and a very though decision to make, but circumstances will give you a thousand and one reasons why you need to do what is right, at the right time. 

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