Friday, 10 February 2017

Cossy Ojiakor Stop Misrepresenting Nollywood, You Don't Need To Pop Out Your Nipples Before You Get Noticed - Uche Maduagwu

Nollywood moral police, Uche Maduagwu shared photos of Cossy Ojiakor on his social media page with the caption:

"How did we get to this? Wait a minute... Am I still in Nigeria or California? Just saw this online and am like WTF! Acting is not by force abeg, if we want to do pornography please let's officially join the Play Boy mansion and stop misrepresenting nollywood. Enough is enough. 

Let us always have this at the back of our mind that our body is the temple of God and if we use it as a tool to seducing others, God is watching. Personally, I feel you are a very good actress but must you always turn everything upside down? You are very talented and beautiful, in fact, your beauty is so flawless and natural, but you don't need to pop out your nipples before you get noticed dear. 

You are very creative, no doubt, but please behave yourself in public, a lot of kids out there really admire you but what example are you leaving behind for them when you come out in public like this? Why is it that most of us always like to copy American celebrities? We always forget that we are Africans and what makes us unique is not just the beautiful color of our skin, but our rich cultures and traditions which is by far the best in the world. 

Everyone has a right to walk around in public naked or semi naked, but when you are a role model, you should always have it at the back of your mind that what you do matters a lot. Being endowed is a blessing dear, but don't make it look like a bad thing because there are so many other busty and well endowed ladies out there who do not walk around naked. Let's tell ourselves the gospel truth, you might think this does not concern you, but wait until your daughter starts walking around the street of Lagos naked and telling you its fashion.. 

That's when it will dawn on you that this is real. Anyways, I like your acting skills, you are one of the very few actresses that really knows how to deliver their lines perfectly, that I will give to you, when an actress is good, she is good, I see you winning one or two major awards very soon."

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