Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Common Enemy Of The Nigerian People Is The Politicians, Pastors, Imams And A Docile Populace - Charly Boy

Know Your Enemy. The common enemy of the Nigerian people is the Politicians, The Men of God, The Imams and a docile populace. Those who promote the Narrative of Destructive Engagement are the same people who are feeding off the problems of an unstable Nation. God punish them one by one.

Political Leadership in the Military, National Assembly; Nigerian Judiciary, Nigerian Executive; Criminal Political Bankers; Demonic Political Contractors, Intolerant Imams and 419 Men of God are the common enemy of the People and have succeeded in messing our country for decades because the masses have been hypnotised, brainwashed, misled and misinformed.

Now we Fight; 

Now we wake up and now we form Alliances that can Challenge the tradition of deceptive engagement; The enemies of the people and the mind that is misinformed. In fighting these demons, we will be confronted by a populace who will do anything to remain in bondage, but we must not be wary and worried, we must not be tired and afraid, we must not give up or give in and we must not let the enemies weaken our spirit or resolve, who born them. Der papa.

AREAFADA (charlyboy)
Frustrated Nigerians.
To join the Our Mumu don Do movement.

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