Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Apostle Suleman Makes His First Public Appearance In Church Amidst Sex Scandal, After His Wife Called It 'Cheap Blackmail'

Apostle Suleman was at a service today and he spoke about the sex allegations. He said;

The anointed man of God made the appearance at his church yesterday. While preaching, he said: "Nothing attacks reputation like allegations. God can’t be fighting when you are fighting. God fights when you are still.

If the devil/ kingdom of hell wants to get at you and make heaven stand firm for you/at your defense they will attack your reputation. Nothing attacks reputation like allegations. Only those who stand out are confronted."

The man of God emerged after his wife, Dr. Lizzy Johnson Suleman, reacted to the ongoing scandal involving her husband and one Stephanie Otobo, a Nigerian singer based in Canada.

She said Suleman is not the kind of man he’s being portrayed to look like in light of recent events.

“That is not my husband,” she said, adding that since they’ve been together, they have never had issues over another woman.

According to Lizzy, the pictures released were photoshopped and are fake.

“The problem with most Nigerians is that they are so gullible,” she said.

Stephanie can release more pictures but that can never “stop the real picture of my husband in my heart,” she said.

She described the scandal as cheap blackmail.

“This is a man who loves to help people. The fact that he has helped somebody, let’s not use that as an advantage,” she said

“We know what is really going on. We are not surprised. From the day my husband said they should stop the killing of Christians, those who are not happy with that statement are doing everything possible… you cannot pull down the Lord’s anointed…. The church is not even the target. My marriage is the target.”

“I will not stop praying, until the judgement of God visits you,” she said, referring to Stephanie.


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