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The Ungrateful Delila: Cossy Ojiakor Shares How She Pimp Actresses To Men And Her Encounter With A Reverend Father

Story...story....story..... Part 1.....once upon a time... In the year 2011... I met a nice businessman ... He was so nice..I decided to keep him as a good friend. Because it pays more having good friends than fuck mates. Anyway we got so friendly that he asked me for favors...well. Am not the type u send errands. So I made some demands. A range rover sport. ..And it was accepted..I did all he asked .. 

Then got tired of the protocols.. One day I saw his spec... I saw this angelic big fat ass. With tiny waist on top of okada somewhere in Ologolo , lekki area, I was driving behind this girl and was moved and felt pity ...I didn't know her from Adams never knew she acts...anyway.... I stopped this lady and collected her no. She is so gifted that I went to her house a flat in a very swampy road she shared with friend . I asked her if she will love to meet my friend. She was more than happy to go when she heard d money I was offering ....ahhahh.

THE UNGRATEFUL DELILA Story .....story.......story.... Part 2, in my owns words.... (broke up with my boyfriend over flimsy stuffs! Been thinking why? Now I know why he left.. He promised me a range rover sport for my birthday Oct 15, guess he can't met up. Won't take him back after my birthday mtchew. Men !!!!!!!!,) This story am telling seems so old because it happened 6/7 yrs why now. Hahahahahaa . ... I really don't know how it happened. 

Was it the ass ...was it the lies...or was it juju....I have told close friends in the entertainment industry about this issue .... They asked me. Cossy do you do juju? ..... Don't fight war with fortified juju people!!! .......anyway.... E ji mu Ofo. The hard work I put in... All the protocols I observed. ...then just a simple mistake of picking up this girl with huge ass on top okada . messed up my mind .. I was bitter for a long time... When I eventually found out the range rover was bought ...but was given to this fat ass okada girl... So why I no go vex....hahahaha. Ohhhh hope I didn't loose you there... So Delilah went for the hookup. She was really nice. She dashed me 50k from the 400k paid to her.. I was happy too... Swapping my rav 4 for a Range...yes yes I know he can and will keep to his promise. But my good friend Mr? Keep sending me on higher protocol arrangements .. My mistake. I should have asked for a well defined job..... Hahahaha someone somewhere will be popping in her fat pants.... Talking about lawyers won't scare me one bit. Because truth can't be covered.

THE UNGRATEFUL DELILA ... Story ...Story ...Story.... Part 3, i want to talk about my house. I built it prior to meeting mr? I was d first actress to own a house then. #facts.. The higher protocols actually taught mr? Helped out. So they demanded for houses and all...the ones that knew him better (secrets) ...blackmail or worked for them. They didn't talk trash about me...if they did mr? Will surely tell me, so the secrets are permanently safe with me. 2 bitchy protocols got me mad.... A very cute smallish Yoruba actress...she has angelic face...hahahha heard a story about her and another ...recently... Hmmm no smoke without fire you will say..... Bitch got millions sent to her account from 2011 upwards. She became a big girl. And is still relevant to mr? Till date...fortified juju girl with angelic face.... Enjoy ur range ...enjoy ur house ... Produce more block buster but Don't forget I hooked u up to the person that changed ur life... Be grateful when u hear cossy and pray for me in ur inner heart. I heard all the trash u told mr? That's why am mentioning u now πŸ™ŒπŸ‘…. 2nd bitch . the useless one that went to do love.. Hahahahhahh.. She is just as ugly in xter as Delilah.. Bitch gat medium ass hahahha so mr? Cant keep u for long. bitch act so crazy... Sent me 100k went to show mr? D bank teller.. That am getting paid for the hookups caused a huge rift.. My range was on shaky grounds...i accepted collecting d 100k then i accused him of sending me on plenty protocols. That he should give me a specific no before the range comes...πŸ™‡πŸ˜­ seriously.... Bitch 2_Ur mates are utilizing the hookup asking for house and car and ur here blocking my range. πŸ˜ΈπŸ™† you deserve a mention for the stress u gave me....but Mentioning ur name now will mean reviving ur dead career ...I know mr? Taste so I went Looking for d perfect one to overthrow her reign...Had this running thro my mind. When i saw her... D perfect one...d road was untarred & bumpy d ass moved to every jerk from the bike...I got hypnotized.. the ass was taking... talking to me... the dress she wore... a huggy animal skin Lycra short gown. . .. I overtook the bike.

Don't judge A book by its cover.... Story....story ....story... Ok this is a one off... I had a girlfriend in university of Nigeria Enugu campus.. She is very fair and super cute. Her name is Oge....but I can't mention her surname because it is the same with her uncle who is a reverend father.... We went to visit this Reverend father somewhere in Enugu state during the thanks giving day... I ended up not going to church that day thou. Because I didn't have something very covering to wear.. Well I was by the window looking at the various activities going on in the church premises because the reverend father live within the church. Then this average dark man entered the room I was in.. And grabbed me from behind...his hand rested on my bosom and he squeezed them.....I have learnt my lesson never to fight off men when they are in need πŸ‘ΆπŸ™ˆ...but to talk my way out peacefully.... Well..... I did a good job...I accepted to come back for the action and he gave me money....the money the type u know...the offering ... tithe paid by a church member .. The way it was squeeze different denomination of cash.. as seen in offering box. There goes the hopes and prayers made by some poor church goer ..well ... I took the money....I spent it in school but never went back.... For this I will never mention the reverend father name...i told oge about this. She said the Reverend father have girlfriends and even kids. Well .... sweeties... For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God... God said. ALL ...he did not exclude PASTORS and REVEREND FATHERS.. They are just men. They are weak. They are tempted by evil and sometimes they fall. Let's pray for them... They need deliverance too. .... πŸ‘€ from angelic faces and useless bitches and delila that have sold their conscience.... Kemi is annoying thou. I know she may get arrested one day...but.... What happens to #forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.. Jesus was prosecuted yet he forgive. Pastor David. Pls read ur Bible..

THE UNGRATEFUL DELILA... story ....story....story..... Part 4, DISCLAIMER The names are fictitious.. How can Delila xter be Daniella Okeke. her ass is just as enticing as the okada girl I talked about.. D girl I talked about uses bike as a means of transportation and had a stupid old car.. She lived in a swampy place in ologolo before i turned her life around in 2011.

So how can you people relate it to this cute rich nollywood actress .
Daniella Okeke is a rich girl that drives different cars. She have travelled the world. And own different houses Well i know all these through google. So how can you people relate my Delila to Daniella. Hahahahaha your on your own ooo.
As per Delila ...the Bitch knows herself, πŸ™‡πŸ˜Ž iyabo ojo is a big yoruba actress.. I wonder why u guys think its all about her....she is super cute with angelic face too just like the character bitch 1. But believed me its not her ooo... This bitch talks trash about other people in front of them and also behind their backs. She is bold. So my dear people pls ask Iyabo Ojo if she know me. She will surely tell you no. πŸ™Œ so pls stop insinuating ... Don't put word into my mouth ...😎😚 I refuse and will not mention names...the bitches knows them self and if you think this is all about you. Then welcome to my world. ..... . So I will trend with caution... I have a black book. The names of the real bitches ....places ....dates.. Transfers..... are all written there. All those that backbite... Both men that said trash about me and made me lose out on deals in newyork.... You are all in my black book. ....
back to the He knows he is a sinner sleeping around with actresses paying them millions but he pays only 400k to girls i picked by myself. And this delila is one othe them.. His money is made from...his concience pricks him so he urge them to open foundations. now you know them..... πŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜... Am glad the SUV wasn't bought...😝... Am a free person with free conscience... 😘 thanks for loving my way of writing... And for the people that suggested I do a book.. seriously thinking about it all.. Thanks

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