Thursday, 25 May 2017

Bloody Liar Will Heap Their Fraudulent Means Of Success At God, But That Is The Story Many Want To Hear - Ali Baba

Thank you @mama3tees. We gradually got to that point. People refused to be honest about how they became rich. And continue to heap their fraudulent means of success at the grace of God. The person who was broke 2 years ago without any visible source of income, suddenly starts to flaunt wealth hop hand dan and when he is asked, the bloody liar says it's the Lord that smiled on him after he fasted for 40 days. 

Instead of saying he was involved in subsidy scam. That will now make Mukaila go get ulcer for nothing. The sadder part is that Mukaila will be beefing God and asking what have I done. Take another instance, this guy graduated with you, he has nothing upstairs. In fact you did most of his assignments and helped in the exam and he gets 2.1... you that helped him gets a 3rd class. You are wondering what went wrong... the Olodo that has passed says he prayed to God, paid his tithes and promised God that if he passes he will buy the church a piano. 

He did not say he settled lecturers and examiners. And after graduation, he continues in that foot step. And becomes a big boy. One fellow classmate will now be changing churches and jumping from night vigil to Holy Ghost service. A politician will blatantly, I mean korokoro, rig an election, and still come to church to say God has done it. Church will take thanksgiving and pray for him. CAN YOU SEE HOW IN ALL OF THESE INSTANCES, the impression created is that all you have to do is pray. 

Let me mention here that the number of people who get their success the hard way is few. And when these people who bent their backs, bruised knuckles and broke sweat, to make it say, this is how I made it, their story is not interesting because it has work mode embedded. But the fraudulent ones tell you to pray... no hard work needed. THAT IS THE STORY MANY WANT TO HEAR. The girl who finished youth service, worked for 25 years and bought a house is not inspiring. 

The one who finished in 2013, slept with a governor same year, owns a car, bought a flat... and claims it's God's doing, is the prayer point & point of contact. You have BP, rub anointing oil & for healing. THEN STILL CONTINUE A LIFESTYLE THAT GAVE YOU BP. #wehdonsir

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