Friday, 30 June 2017

Domestic Violence: Mercy Aigbe Confronts Her Estranged Husband With Evidence Of Him Begging Her, Lanre Gentry Denied The Claim But Publicly Apologise To Her

Just when you think the domestic violence drama between Mercy Aigbe and her husband is over, Mercy is dragging her husband again after joining a walk against domestic violence campaign. She said:

"Why will a man who obviously beat his wife, try so much to deny what he did? My take is because he knows what he did is wrong and apparently he is ashamed and cannot own up to it...... Let us be very careful of what we do especially when we are Angry as we might not know the consequences of that action.......Violence like I keep saying does not and will not solve anything, let us learn to control our anger at all times..... Arguments are bound to happen between couples but under no circumstances should we let it result to violence! Nobody has a right to hit, his or her partner regardless........

Battery and Assault is a CRIME! 
Join us in the #1in3Africa campaign, a campaign against violence! 
We are walking the streets of lagos to show our displeasure at this menace that is eating deep into our system....... Join us tomorrow by 10am, Start off point is Falomo Bridge by Awolowo Road......
Conflicts should be settled amicably and not through violence, only weak men hit women."

Lanre Gentry replied his wife on Instagram saying: "I have been quiet because of our children," actress Mercy Aigbe's estranged husband warns her

Sincerely, I can't wait to see this movie 😂 please let me know when Adekas will start selling it. I've been quiet about a lot of things and its basically because of the children and I expect you to respect that and know that my silence doesnt make me a fool.
I did not beat you; we both know thats the truth.
Moreover, I believe we still have an ongoing case in court, why then will you still post this on the internet? Let the court make its ruling!!!
Afterall, You've gotten the cheap sympathy, money and freedom you wanted but enough with this name soiling/ blackmail.
You and I both know what the truth is but its so unfortunate that we both have found ourselves at the point of throwing shades and coming at each other.
Let the court rule and then we both can lick our wounds and move forward.
Enough is enough!!! Stop blackmailing me and don't soil my family name.
That said, to all who come after me, insulting me, cursing me & saying all sorts of distasteful words, I don't think anyone's life is perfect. So if your life isn't perfect, why be a judge of mine?
Bloggers, just cos you want to make some money, please remember that some people's lives are involved especially the children.
I don't think anyone should expect me to keep mute when all she is doing is kill my image and soil my family's name.
Do whatever rally you want to do Biodun, Make whatever money you want to make but remember that the truth will come out someday.
If only you all know the truth about her and who she really is

Mercy Aigbe's reply: "If you infuriate me any further, I will release all the evidences against you," Mercy Aigbe threatens her estranged husband 

Mr Gentry keep denying , you need more lies 😁😁😁
I have more than enough evidences, witnesses and your fate will be determined in the law court..........Begging in private and forming Saint in public.....Now you suddenly remember the kids? Now you suddenly remember you have a family name? When you were busy telling all those hideous lies against me, you forgot we have kids! When you were busy punching me , hitting me and almost killed me that day you forgot we had kids??????? 😡( Which was not your first time) ........Infact if you infuriate me any further I will put everything online including the undertaking you signed 3years ago at the police station! the whole world sees you for who you are!.. I have protected you for too long!...........Keep it coming I am so ready for you............NEVER KNEW I WAS MARRIED TO MY ENEMY ..........🙄

For peace to reign, Mercy Aigbe's estranged husband mans up, publicly apologizes to her

For peace to reign, I'm going to bury all hatchet and break the bone of contention between myself and Mercy Aigbe Gentry.
I'm sorry to those who I've hurt with my action and comment/words. 
Mercy, you claimed that I'm begging you behind curtains, OK here I am begging you openly. I'm sorry!!!
This drama is exhausting and I'm done with it all.
Despite all that's been happening; I don't love you less. I still see you as the mother of my children and I want to give you the respect to that regard.
Thanks to each and everyone who's preached peace; may God perfect all that is yours.
Special thanks to Adeola Kujenya, Chief Alao Adeniji, @laidebakare @iyaboojofespris @toyin_Abraham @sunnymelody1 @babakanran @deleodule_ @abamog @terryyenn I truly appreciate you. God bless you and God will grant all your heart desires. Also to my family members & my children thanks for the unending love and support
God bless us all!!!! Amen

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