Monday, 19 June 2017

Ignore What Is Written On The Body Of A Bus And Enter The Bus, That's What An Advice Is All About - Ali Baba

You often hear people say, ignore what is written on the body of a bus and enter the bus. This has to be connected with things like "Fear woman"... Or "Allah is the greatest" or "All powers belong to Jesus"... and because of your religious beliefs or feminists holds, you now miss the bus and remain at the bus stop. Because you don't believe in what is written on the bus. 

Imagine not boarding a bus because it said "Gunners for life". Because you are a Chelsea supporter. Hiaaaan!!! So, I have been getting many direct messages from people who have asked me, "what qualifies you to be a counsellor?" "You are not a saint?" "What do you know about relationships?"... then I ran into the pix i posted. It just crystalized my thoughts perfectly. 

I have never claimed to be a saint. I can't be. Like many men I know, even men of God and men from God, we all battle with the cravings of the flesh. But that doesn't mean all temptations must be embraced. That's where the discerning man must be a man. Even the Lord's prayer recognizes that temptations are out of our controls and we must seek divine rescue. 

Anyway, let me ask you a few questions to let you understand my point of view. When you step on a plane, do you ask if the pilot is Yoruba or Igbo? Or do you ask if the pilot is a Muslim, Christian or Atheist. Does it matter if the pilot is a man or woman? Of course not. The most important things are take off, landing, and getting to your destination. That's what an advice is all about. Discount who the person giving the advice is, unless if the message is tied to the person and the advice. 

Just as gender has nothing to do with who is operating you in an ER. Because while you are a foot away from going towards the light, it doesn't matter who is performing a surgery on you. Muslim, Gay, catholic or Atheist, PDP card, carrying member... your being alive is all that matters. Many years back, Amaka Igwe of blessed memory will say, "Come let me teach you all I know, so you can add it to all you know, so you can be better than me." People who give advice may have more issues going on in their lives, but trust me, if the advice makes sense, take it and ignore the issues they have.

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