Saturday, 17 June 2017

Ladies Know Your Frigging Worth! If You Don't Empower Yourself No Man Will Respect You - Adejoro Olumofin Rants

Very sad!!! 😷😭💔🤕
I just saw something that irritated the life in me. I want to throw up. I think I just did in my mouth. 2 times.. A lot of ladies are throwing themselves and their worth for material things, variables that don't have a constant value in life. The basic principle and thought process for such action is this. 

If you don't believe in yourself to be great in life and achieve greatness you will sell yourself for iPhone, shoes and Instagram likes ? Please what will that IPhone 6 be Worth in 5 years? I remember when a friend of mine slept with a guy for the Nokia with the round buttons in 2004. Please where is that Nokia now ?. I think we need to educate ladies on what self worth means. No body should mention feminism near me if you don't have values or skills. Feminists my foot! 

I know I would train my daughter better by Gods Grace. For goodness sakes! Ladies know your frigging worth!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't empower yourself no man will respect you. Instagram follower-ship is not money. Well. I'm done ranting. Emancipate your mind or else you will be a relic in a few years.

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