Friday, 28 July 2017

Don't Compare Your Load To Another Person's, We Are All Humans, But There Are Super Humans - AliBaba

Don't compare your load to another person's. What you pay for a 2 bedroom in Bayelsa can not be the same with what is paid for a Mini flat in Banana Island. People are different. With commensurate load as applicable to where they find themselves. It's not everyone who can live at your level. The person who has a PhD can not be compared to the person with a school certificate. 

The problem we have in life is when we stretch the "We are all equal too far". We are all humans. But there are super humans. I can not play the piano. That is a skill. Perfecting it requires time. Why is someone more blessed than me?... may not totally be the right question. What do I need to be blessed like that person may be the way to go. So on Sunday last week someone sent me a message asking why I have not replied a chat. I then took time to explain to the person that his chat must have been tucked away inside my many WhatsApp messages. He yimu'ed. 

So I asked to see his WhatsApp. He has 28 people on his WhatsApp. And had 12 messages. So I showed him my messages. I endeavour to go through as many as possible. As for calls, I can get 200 calls in 30 minutes, 70% will be flash. When you pick some, they go "Is this Ali Baba?" "YES. Who is calling?" Click... they hang up. I thought I was alone but many celebrities suffer this too. Some get calls at 1am, 3:45am or 5am... When your sleep is in gear 4. You can not compare your issues to that of some people because of the position they are at in life. 

A friend told me once that his salary of 950k monthly is shared amongst his siblings younger and older. His parents are late. But when any sibling calls for assistance and he says he can't help now, they think he is wicked and stingy. I agreed with him. Because, it's easy for you who earns 50k to wonder why someone who earns 950k can not assist you. If only you know that after all is sorted, he probably earns 50k like you. 

And I can bet that some of those people who earn 50k can not be generous with 20k of that 50k. That would be suicidal. My point is... people who are in the eye of the storm go through a lot more than those in the calm of their shed. If you only know you go understand

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