Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Ladies, If You See A Guy You Like Send A DM, It Doesn't Mean You're Desperate Or Abnormal - Adejoro Olumofin

Ladies, If you see a guy you like send a DM. It doesn't mean you're thirsty it just means you're Confident & Audacious. This goes against our African Customs, Culture and Cognition ; how things were done in our Parents time where the Man has to be the one to reach out to the Woman and court her but we're in advanced times, things & times have changed so I believe a different and bolder approach may occasionally work. Ladies if you see a guy you like that meets all the requirements you want in a Man there's nothing wrong in reaching out to him or making him know that you're fond of him directly or indirectly.. 

It is how it's done that matters ; you can send your TRUSTED friend or Family member to him, you can approach him directly, you can send him a DM, tweet at him.. All these things are not wrong, it doesn't make you less of a Lady, desperate or abnormal. The word THIRSTY has put a lot of us in a cage both guys and girls, we're scared of our friends, family, society calling us Thirsty so we hold back on our Emotions and "Id".. I think the word thirsty should be used when a guy or girl reaches out to someone continuously & Desperately after the person has said he or she isn't interested numerous times.. 

The truth is some guys are shy and they may not have the Guts or "Liver" to approach a Lady maybe because she looks intimidating or she's seated with a group of friends, so sometimes waiting for a guy may be a long wait. We've all heard of marriage stories where the wife admits to have approached her Husband and they're happily married. Ladies also take note that 2 qualities that a man loves in a woman are "Confidence & Boldness" so this doesn't make u look weak. A recent study shows that in 2020 in West Africa 2/10 women will propose to their men.. I must also say this is relative, what works for Chioma may not work for Atinuke.

By hiding your feelings and emotions for someone and not acting on it you're indirectly suppressing your "ID" which is an integral part of your personality according to Psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud.

Do you Agree?

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