Friday, 14 July 2017

Photos / Video: Man Arrested For Selling Wife, Child To Ritualists For N270,000

Man accused of selling his wife and child for N270,000 has been arrested by the police. A video footage of the arrest was captured and posted online by an eyewitness, Adaslimshow on Instagram. His disturbed mother-in-law and brother-in-law were present at the scene of the arrest.

The unnamed accused man was bundled onto a white pickup van with his hands tied., His mother-in-law could be heard saying that the accused has not revealed where to find the people he sold.

Adaslimshow who posted the video wrote : 

Am sooo traumatized now!! bk to a crowded str scared if my house was on fire. Behold this boy just sold his wife and daughter for N270k to "ritualists" no doubt "Body organs buyers" Beside him is d poor old mother of the wife....she is asking for her daughter & grand-daughter. 
This is no BS i made dis video myself....seems like a blogger's story bt 1st time to witness this real life. Nigeria nigeria my country God help us. Pls pray for the safety of the woman and her daughter may God grant them divine escape in Jesus name...LORD HAVE MERCY 😢😢😢 
2 video of the man who sold wife & daughter for N270k. 
Finally driven away by the police , somewhere else in lagos he wuld have been prob killed by d mob. Dts d brother inlaw slapping him , culd more slaps bring bak d sister? 😢😢 
This crook jumped more than ten fences b4 getting to our estate, he ended up in a church and God arrested him. The long hand of God. 
Goat style or Malu style.
The bible says "suffer not the witch to live" N270k for wife & daughter. He said d deal was 200k for d wife, they asked if he culd add d daughter for additional 70k & d deal is YES. 
God pls let dis woman & d daughter escape to share her testimony. Pls these pple are body organs buyers, nothing like ritualists. They kill for kidneys & hearts, they make millions trafficking body parts & pay peanuts to d idiots. 
Dis winchhh begged me to plead on his behalf bt i said "No I will help u put d video to d world" 
Culdnt sleep all nite...trauma trauma trauma...

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