Monday, 31 July 2017

While Some Are Busy Hating, Slay Queens Creating Clicks And Guys Creating Gangs, I Won't Be Distracted - Paul Okoye

While some of us are busy hating, fighting each other, distracted by all these social media elements,looking for likes,comments and followers🤔 slay queens creating clicks 🙄as if they are vampire slayers? Guys creating gangs and dudes 🙄 as if they cool and da gang?

While some black people are turning to white,like Japanese ghost and some men turning to women🙄 I won't be distracted ohh... me am looking for people that will join me in this type of picture in the next 10yrs .... pls ohh i don't want to be alone in this type of picture 🤔 🚶🏿 let me come and be going🚶🏿#rudicallyspeaking

Billion Dollar Picture, Billionaire gang.

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