Monday, 14 August 2017

Self Love, Self Gratification, Knowing Your Worth, And Reminding Yourself Of Your Worth Daily Is Key In Any Relationship - Adejoro Olumofin

What is Self Gratification? This is a Psychological act of pleasing oneself, especially the gratifying of ones needs, impulses and desires. This being said, a lot of People today have forgotten their true worth, potentials, capacity and God given nature as Intelligent, Beautiful and fruitful Gems that they are. As a result of the lack appreciation for themselves they settle for less when choosing a partner. 

Those in relationships take all sorts of degrading antics from their man / woman because they believe he / she is doing them a favour and they can't do any better. Most times their partner even says things like what will u do without me? Or who are you without me?, I've cheated only 4 times and you're complaining? Ladies especially, the way you see yourself and carry yourself is how everyone else is going to treat you including your friends and your Boss at work. 

You must remind yourself daily like a morning Prayer that : "I'm blessed, 
I'm smart, 
I'm hot, 
I'm intelligent, 
I'm rich, 
I'm fruitful,
I'm bold, 
I Slay ,
I'm a winner ". If you do this daily and you know it in your heart it will serve as a concurrent Reinforcement and mental learning conditioning for you and you'll be immune to all the negativity and BS. Most importantly this will help you make important life decisions and bluff those who try to undermine you. 

Let me also say that Self Gratification is Good but it can be Excellent when someone you love for example: your boyfriend, husband, brother or mother etc tells you that you're smart, beautiful, stunning on a daily basis as well. Some husbands, wives, bfs don't tell their partners that they are pretty anymore or their hair is nice, sex is good or their food is delicious. These little things really matter and they form an impression in our subconscious, they boost self confidence and in its absence makes the party involved feel they're worth nothing. May you find a Partner who will appreciate you daily from head to toe. Amen! *If you don't love yourself , Love won't find you*

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