Sunday, 1 October 2017

Churchill Tricked Tonto Dikeh Into Paying Her Bride Price, Bribed Azuka To Lie Against Her - Cutie Juls

Cutie Juls wrote:
Churchill you are so wrong for giving Azuka and her boyfriend money for Azuka to talk down on Tonto because you want to start a project on domestic violence. How would you feel if I decide to send Subomi [the mother of your daughter] the evidence of how you said you don't want to have anything to do with her child publicly cos she is a wayward woman? 

U even initially sworn on King's life that U have no other child. Churchill, we've had this conversation before but today I am putting evidence of how you tricked Tonto into paying for her own bride price. In the above text messages, you accepted Tonto paid for the wedding and even had the guts to say the money for the bride price was spent on her so you will not pay her back like you initially promised. 

Where was your pride as a man. You knew Tonto was pregnant and wasn't working but you still made her use her savings to be paying for salaries etc. You spoke ill of Bimbo, Subomi and Tonto. You were begging me as at 12 midnight not to publish especially Bimbo's own cos you know she will deal with you. Kunle, you offered me money to manipulate the story after I presented you with all the evidences I have which were not in ur favour. You were even surprised cos you know even Tonto doesn't know half of what I know. I refused your offer and told you to act responsibly. 

You denied having an interview with LIB. Of course you will say it's not my business. But as a human rights advocate, I pray all the 3 women sue you. You said Ify Okeke took 7mil from you for her Foundation and told you Tonto ill things about Tonto. As for the likes of Azuka, I pray Nigeria put in proper measures to regulate how bloggers and journalists operate cos it's so uncouth. I had to even block some messages cos it's so embarrassing. Which man calculates the price of cola nuts, drinks etc with his wife and ask they split the cost? You are a joke for real. 

Yes your dad was a gardener. It's no big deal so stop denying it and telling people how your mom lives in the U.K. She had you with your dad before she moved to the U.K. At ur age, u think ur mom living in U.K. is a flex! Nothing wrong with being a gardener's son . Gosh!😏 

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