Thursday, 12 October 2017

I Spent 10million Of My Money To Marry You, Sit Down And Be Humble, Yahoo Boy!!! - Tonto Dikeh Drag Her Ex Husband, Churchill Over His Recent Interview

Excerpts from Churchill's interview about his marriage to Tonto;

On marriage and life after divorce
"I’ve not seen my child since December and I have no option. I can’t see him forcefully because Tonto Dikeh can use anything against you. She is an extremist. The drama was too much and nobody likes that. “I was warned by friends and family not to marry her but didn’t heed the advice. I gave her the chance and she failed."

On domestic violence allegations 
“She claimed I beat her but at that moment, I wasn’t at home – I was in Ghana. I tried to protect my family but she made things difficult. She’s not someone you can beat! All her allegations were planned to bring me down. The incident that happened in my mum’s house was on December 20, 2016. She had a charity event on December 22 but there was no evidence of beatings on her body. You can Google online to see the dates’ intervals about her ‘road fixing’ in Abuja.

As far as I am concerned, I’ve not touched her before. Maybe, it’s her spiritual husband that beat her up. She’s super hyper so I had to stay calm in our marriage. She’s stubborn so you can’t beat her.

Of cheques and gifts
Contrary to claims by Tonto Dikeh that she bought their family car by herself, Olakunle disclosed that he gave a $28,000 cheque to his ex-wife as a gift. Not just that, he added a push gift last Christmas.
“I gave her a 10 million Naira (approximately $28,000) cheque as a gift on Christmas and in addition showered her with a push present. I have a copy of the cheque with me so she should prove me wrong.”
Read Tonto Dikeh's reaction below...

"不不不What family?the same ones who tied wrapper and gele to sit down in a wedding sponsored by a woman??? GOD BLESS YOUR UNCLE who is a "BISHOP"..Same honorable man who told me my biggest mistake was marrying you..Same man who took shame away from this same family you speak about by contributing 1million (N999,000,00) for your wedding.
I have pics of this transaction and your account balance,Also all the text messages of how you scammed me saying you where in ghana bringing money for wedding and I shld go ahead with the marriage spending....only for you to come back on your wedding day with 700k smh(You don't even know or feel no shame to think that another man might have given me the money to marry you..)
The only reason am quite is becos you have paid me back all I spent in marrying you just this dec.
same money you lied to people You gave me for your son in past interviews不不不不,Now it is a Christmas present

I have messages of me asking you to pay me my money I used In marrying you and you did pay my 10million...Am happy you have your own now,Am happy you can afford all you want now but listen SIT DOWN AND BE HUMBLE,I MADE YOU..
Kunle how can you believe your own lies in such a crazy way??? You bought me a push present 不不不不不???? Awww where is it?? You bought a car for your son? Awww where is it?
At 35years old??? You stilll play this games???
No Lady You married me because you wanted to be that famous Yahoo boy!!!
You are a joke and am gratefully done with you!!
I really wld love to stop giving you all these cheap fame as that all you strive on now but no I wldnt Cos I have lost all the respect I cld ever have for you..
I call you a woman becos you act like one,I have since move on.Life's great,why can't you do same?? Leave me the helll alone,I took a great walk out of your life and home cos you are simply a horrible person..
Go and look for your daughter bimbo and take care of her,acknowledge her,Stop lying to people you have no other child/children.A little inmoncent child??? Same child I have sent messages to her mother to accept welfare from me and she refused saying am not the father..You are evil!! Is it becos she is not a celebrity child?
Buy a house in your name,Leave the clubs for kids,Reduce your excess alcoholism and try to adjust your life!!
I don't hate you I only feel a great amount of pity and grieving for you!!!
Your fraudulent life has eaten so deep into your soul,I can only pray for you..
2wives all bad,you are the good one???
Kunles don't you have more women to defraud? Or don't you have more online victims to Rob?
The only thing connecting Us now is King,Do I have to legally remove my name from your mouth?

I lived with you I know you,IF YOU are NOT A PAINED HURT MAN STOP WITH MY TOPIC,you can't change the fact that you are a WIFE BEATER!! For the sake of king I will keep information away,but don't push me..only last dec you made my friends brother go to jail becos of your fraud in Switzerland,you disgraced and spoilt a relationship I held dear...
OlaKunle abiodun Churchill oladunni Keep my name off your mouth and see you in COURT soon..Respond to the lawyers and leave been famous via interviews,evidences wldnt be taken from interviews.

You don't see your son and we both know why,My son wldnt be a topic for anybody.You don't like my Terms see you in Court!!"

Read Churchill's recent interview that started this major rant below:

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