Monday, 11 December 2017

I Extremely Dislike Bobrisky Because Of All The Lies And False Pretence On Social Media - Tunde Ednut

Why do some people support Bobrisky? Why do some people live fake life? 1. He flew business class, which was a lie. 2. He bought a house, lies. 3. He paid the girl that made his hair in USA, lies. 4. He has bae, lies. 5. He has different cars, lies. 6. His skin is flawless, lies. 7. People’s husbands are toasting him, lies 8. People are paying 10k to view his Snapchat, lies. He attended UNILAG, Lies. and so many more. 

I don’t hate Bobrisky, I dislike She/Him extremely because of all the lies and false pretense on social media & that’s why I’m always against she/him. How many people have been in so much scandal monthly as much as Bobrisky and all has been based on lies. How many people have been arrested so much that we hear of constantly? It’s always Bobrisky. Bobrisky is the greatest liar on social media and some people still keep supporting him. Please it’s high time we put an end to this Bobrisky Person. 

His lies almost left Jacob’s father helpless cause we all did not believe Jacob. What if it was a life or death situation knowing that Jacob can’t express himself much, that is how we would have all laughed believing Bobrisky’s lies thereby leading to this man’s death? We need to put an end to this. If you can not entertain people without insulting them, lying to them and costing people their lives then you need to be stopped. The other day, I heard a child say I want to be like Bobrisky, that hurt my soul. He has started influencing our kids and misleading the vulnerable ones. Should this continue? START USING THIS HASTAG = #StopTheLieBobrisky

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