Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Former Model Sarah Ofili Shares Traditional Wedding Photos And Talks About Finding Love In Her Storm

Former UK based Model and Entrepreneur, Sarah Ofili got married last week to Mr Adukeh and she took to her Instagram page to talks about finding love in her storm. She said:

"2017...Whew! The hardest yr in my life. I almost lost my Mum, I had to set aside my projects...again! I was in n out of hospitals, I almost lost myself. But as they say "The path to a miracle is always through uncomfortable territory, God isnt revealed in ur easy... he is revealed in ur storm". I found love in my storm beyond my imaginations! In life only change seems to be constant.  
As we change seasons through various times zones I pray that love remains constant in your life n health; stable and improves. May you grow with this new change through God and your individual spirituality because it is only through THE ONLY ONE that we truly prosper. 

Finally, trust your self, listen to yourself, believe in yourself, LOVE yourself and all those around you despite your differences. Remember love and giving is not only for the festive period... Happy New Yr! 😘 #NewYr2018 #MrsSOAdukeh"

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