Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Actress Eucharia Anunobi Graduates From RCCG's School Of Disciples Months After Burying Her Son

"Beloved ones, join me and celebrate JESUS CHRIST, who saw me through the completion of the Redeemers School of Disciples course 2017 / 2018 session. 

The devil wanted to stop me from finishing, for my son died while I still had four subjects/papers to sit for, but thanks to God who had promised that in these things am more than a conqueror ( Romans 8 : 37 ). 

I graduated with 900 ( nine hundred ) other disciples last Sunday 25th February 2018. Please help me hala: JESUS NA YOU BE OGA, JESUS NA YOU BE OGA, ALL OTHER gods NA SO YEYE, EVERY OTHER god NA SO SO YEYE.

If you keep looking at the mountain, it becomes overwhelming, go to the base and start climbing, don't look down and don't look up, just keep at it before you know it, you are at the top.
If I could finish my exams while burying my son, what is stopping you from completing your studies.

I prophesy as commanded may all satanic agenda put in place to stagnate your destiny be truncated now in JESUS name."

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