Thursday, 8 February 2018

Dramatic Images Capture The Moment A Mother-Of-Six Gave Birth In A Hospital CORRIDOR In Manhattan

Dramatic images show how a mother of six gave birth to her youngest child in a hospital corridor, when she arrived too late to make it to a bed.

Jesica Hogan, based in Riley, Kansas, welcomed her fifth child and only son Max in July last year and has just opened up about her incredible birth story in a new video shared by her birth photographer Tammy Karin.

The mother, who gave birth at the Via Christi Hospital in Manhattan, Kansas, had contractions for several days before Max's birth, without going into labor. 

Tammy arrived to the hospital right at that time to capture the birth. 

Nurses ran down the hall to help Jesica with the rest of the birth, helping the mother lie down in the corridor and telling her to push.

Max took a little time before letting out his first cry and was 'incredibly bruised' due to his rapid birth, but he ended up doing just fine and the family was transferred to the labor and delivery department.

Sweet photos show Max's five sisters getting to know their newborn brother next to their proud parents. 

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