Monday, 5 February 2018

If 40% Of Nigerian Ladies “Shoot Their Shot” They Would Be Happier And More Confident - Joro Olumofin

Here are 10 Reasons why women don’t shoot their shot : 

1- The Fear Of NO. A lot of ladies don’t mind sending a guy a DM, walking up to a guy at the mall and saying I like you but the Fear Of Rejection keeps them in check. A lot of ladies believe if he tells me NO I’m less of a woman and my wife material has decreased.

2- Culture: Nigerian youths, especially our ladies Love the western culture but they will never assimilate the western culture of asking a man out on a date or proposing. 

3- Cognition Of A Nigerian man: A lot of Nigerian men believe if a lady walks up to them and says let’s date it means she’s desperate and also I can try anything and everything with her. 

4- Religion: “ He who finds a good wife finds a good thing “ , these words have been sank into the Cognition and Mental Archetypes of all ladies from a tender age. So most ladies will not go “ find” a man or “ shoot their shot” because their faith says otherwise.

5- Social Media / Trends : Of recent there have been public rejections from guys telling ladies NO. These rejections went viral and have discouraged ladies who intended to propose to their men.
6- To A lot of ladies shooting your Shoot is not Romonatic.

7- Longevity: There is a notion that most men don’t want to get married. When a man decides he wants to get married his mindset is ready for the journey. If a woman proposes to a man his mind may not be ready but he may say yes. The relationship won’t last
8- Control : Whoever initiates the date takes control of the financial aspects of the date. A lot of ladies are not open to financial responsibility in dating.

9- Peer Pressure : Even if a lady saw the man of her dreams her friends would convince her not to talk to him. 
10 - Most Nigerian ladies won’t shoot their shot because it makes them look weak and needy. This Valentine, #ExpandYourHorizons. Let nothing stop you, just #ShootYourShot. 

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