Monday, 19 February 2018

Man Loses Custody Of His 3 Children Who Started Sexually Abusing Themselves After Watching Porn From Their Aunt’s Phone

It was an interesting drama to behold as a man tried pulling a stunt at the police station last week. An abuser and woman beater, who forcefully took away three children from his wife and dumped them with his own mother. 

Who in turn fed the children with insults and abuses. Again under her watch - the mother of the Abuser, these children were sexually abusing themselves after watching porn movie from their aunt's handset.(their father's sister) who stay's in the same house.

My appreciation goes to the Nigerian Police Isolo, Aswani Division. The DPO CSP Alex Jamus, Woman ASP Victoria Uduebor, Woman Inspector Esther and others for their uncommon corporation in ensuing the case was charged to court within 48hrs.
I can't forget The Mirabel Centre, Lagos. The great work big sis. Itoro Eze-Anaba and her wonderful team are doing.

It was joy all the way, the first hearing at the Magistrate Court 5, Agege Lagos. As mother reunites with her children after three sorrowful years.


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