Monday, 12 February 2018

Photos: Ex-Super Eagles Defender Uche Okechukwu Is Now A Hunter

Former Super Eagles defender and captain, Uche Okechukwu, has become a professional hunter, according to a post done on Facebook by Enyinnaya Appolos. He wrote: 

With Uche, the great Footballer and Hunter
On my way back to Aba this morning from Isiko, with my brothers, Bright Eze and Livinus Nwabughogu, we saw of the greatest Ngwa sons, one of the greatest Blacks and Africans, one of the greatest Nigerian citizens, one of the greatest world footballers, the Gentle Giant, a Turkish citizen, Uche Okechukwu (Deniz Uygar) at his country home in Umuoria village, in Obingwa LGA... 
Uche, former captain of the Nigerian Supper Eagles and one of the ever best of Fenerbah├že SK of Turkey, is not only a great footballer, he is also a great hunter, yes he is a hunter...he goes into the bush with his long gun (egbe ntu) to hunt and kill animals. Hear him: 
“hunting is my hobby, even in Europe, I go hunting. I love doing that. We are hunting in the next village (Itu) on Tuesday...” that is Uche for you.
Uche is an Aba spite of the fact that he is a Turkish citizen, where he can choose to live for life, he is always at home with us in Aba and will never notice him, always quiet. 
His wealth and fame will never push him for anything...a successful footballer of all times...He is a great man...

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