Saturday, 17 March 2018

'Thank God We Didn’t Divorce Every Time We Thought Of It' - Actor IK Ogbonna's Wife Sonia

Nollywood actor Ik Ogbonna's Wife Sonia says she thank God that they haven't divorced each time they thought about it during harsh times. She wrote:
"Happy relationship is not found,it's built. Its ok to be confused,scared and lost. We can't know something we never experienced before. When we did wrong it was simply because we didn't know better. Now we do. It's a process. Then you learn how to remove pride (Igbo man VS feministic,"i know it all" kinda independent stubborn alpha woman = you can only imagine😂) and listen to UNDERSTAND because you care,and NOT to REPLY to satisfy your ego because you want to prove him/her "wrong" . 

It took us some time,but that's also just fine. Thank God we didn't divorce every time we thought of it when times were harsh 😂😂Otherwise I would not be able to discover that u can fall in love with same person more then once. The most genuine & exceptional male creature I have ever come across. Bless you . Thank you for all the happiness ❤️"

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