Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Photos: Man Exposes Lady Who Came To His House To Steal His Phone

A man has exposed the lady who came to his house to steal his phone. According to him, she visited his family when she carried out the devilish act. Explaining this on Facebook, he wrote;


While young people are struggling everyday to impact their world, this young lady suspect is busy stealing. And she fixed her eyes on my very busy phone the day she came visiting my family.

I was surprised the investigations revealed she is a final year student of Fine and Applied Arts in NDU.

Since she got hold of my phone from where I peacefully left it in my house, She not only removed my SIM cards but wiped off everything in my phone to personalize it and sadly all memories of that day I had inside that was yet to backup. The phone is also now damaged.

She forgot that in this century, people no longer steal phones and get away with it except the owner is unserious. And for me who has ICT in my DNA and working with Tech Teams all over the country who don’t sleep, she targeted the wrong person.

With the tireless effort of my Team members and my wife, we recovered the phone yesterday as she fled. Only God knows where she thinks she can hide when the law will be on her trail if by 6:pm today I don’t get my memory card. Guess what? She personalized my dear phone with her pictures and password.

Whoever is close to her right now should advise her now in her best interest to return my memory card else, she will face the law. Her name is Ebitimi.

This is what many people face every day in hands of some unscrupulous persons and in most cases, you just swallow and move on. The Igbos have a proverb that says ‘ a tall tree is never a friend of the wind’. So as you grow tall, people will step on you, insult and attack or hurt you, destroy your properties, nobody says anything but the moment you defend yourself, it is news.

The battle between good and evil continues…..Alas! Even the devil knows that God is God.

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