Monday, 7 May 2018

Do You Know How Many D*cks I Sucked So You Could Eat? - Blac Chyna’s Mama Tokyo Toni Puts Her On Blast

Things have fallen apart between Blac Chyna and her Mama Tokyo Toni.....

Her mom lamented, "I haven‘t seen her in a year. I don‘t know her from a can of paint. It's sad I only see her on FT! The funny as hell too! She called me the other day by an accident!! All I saw was her fussing !!!.“ O Lol Running With a cell phone!! Lol SHE NEEDS ME I! They all do!!!!!!!!!!!!l!l!!! They need my wrsdom real love and trust!!!!!! Hollywood is tainted and it's her life now( Chyna) Just don‘t forget about me!!!! 0k .

Nobody needs to be watching My grand kids! I need to be their nanny ( As requested) but to no avail! Gosh she is getting huge now. Keep in mind they are my grandkids ok!!!!!!!!!!!! I have raised not only my kid but many others. I even helped take care my mom when she was working! Nothing is like a mom! I would trade all my life in to start over from 16 years old but I can't I have to keep pushing! I wish and pray one day I see these angels. Well , when they aren't your kids you have to wait.

l don't have money to go to Calilornia on my own to see them! l have extremely to many bills! Don't ask me why ..." I still don’t know why?" When y'all see videos of King or Dream can you send them to me! I get my videos from social media. I see them social media. I don‘t know why and I ask no questions!! “ God has a plan for me to see them soon I prayed hard on it! God heard me “ No need to keep praying about seeing them.. I just have to stay thanking him for the blessing of seeing them soon! It hurts so bad!!!! But they not my kids! People can allow you not to see their kids it they want but it 's not right when a grandma can't see her grands and don't know why? Again. Not my children they my grandchildren! My mine yeill be right soon alter I leave Flint for my water drive#tokyotoni " I can‘t wait to see them running! I'm playful- Thanks Rob for allowing me to see Dream on Facetime! Xoxox Love Momma Tokyo. Toni

Chyna commented on the story when it was shared online and said her mother was a liar. She said, "Lies!!!!! Lies!!!!! All Lies Next!!!

And Tokyo of course fired back and insulted the heck out of her daughter...

"@blacchyna!!!!! You fucked up now they see we are apart you big dumb butch. I've never disrespected you now I have no respect for you. I mean literally none I’m disgusted with you as a mother!!m Don‘t worry baby 30 years ago in a few days I almost died having you. So your birthday would be my death date and you proved that true!! Don't come back to me when you leave because I will no longer trust you you know your mother. I walk alone but yet you put all these people in front of me. Your friends you hang wit are pieces of shit they will send you to hell rob you and fuck your man and your woman. I never say anything because I'm a strong bitch and I hold my own as you can very well see. How dare you call me a her when it's obvious I haven’t seen these fucking kids do you want to go in my DM bitch !! All this hate I get is because of your ass being your fucking mother. I don't give a fuck because I don't give a fuck. How can you do all of this out of nowherelllYou could've given me a call opposed to going online. 

What's really going on? Who is really in your head? Who was really on the phone or standing there coaching you from what it sounded like to me. You still have not called and apologize to me. I did nothing to you but love you raise you protect you and be your fucking foot stool bitch. You have these yes bitches around you all motherfucking day they don't give a fuck about you it's obvious dummy. l was moving to California bitch I wish I would fuck you. I had you bitch you did not have me. You mad that I look good, you mad that l have people around me that are positive and nit demons. You never help me with the food drive not one penny but I said you did To save your face. 

You are despicable as a child and I am very embarrassed and ashamed of you to be my fucking daughter that I raised. To not give me credit do you know how many dicks I had to suck bitch so you could eat. Do you know how many hoe strolls I had to go down bitch to make sure you was good for school and you fuck me like this no fuck you bitch it’s coming I love catch my book it speaks the truth!!! My phone number is still the fucking same!! "You are going to think like a battleship" 🤷🏿

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