Monday, 11 June 2018

Photo Of Married Lady Who Committed Suicide After Her Lover Shared Her Nude Photos Online

For the woman, her kids, her husband, and our country. This woman has been tried and sentenced in the court of punlic opinion so out shame and embarrassment, an inability to bear the stigma of the adulterous and treacherous wife, my girl jumped. Jumped off the bridge and paid with her life. Maybe the culture, the judges and the court of opinionated people will now be assuaged. This story does not end here though. 

There is an aggrieved husband, bereaved children who will have to live this stigma, the treacherous blackmailing lover the expose king, and 10 million unaccounted for. Madam has ended it for herself and life is for the living. It is my humble submission that the 10 million must be recovered and given to the children. 

That it is about time “sex or nude pics expose’ culprits be made accountable for these acts. The nude pics were shared in trust and not to be used as tools of blackmail. The evidence of criminality is in the expose’. This bleached whale of a lover should be made to pay. 

Finally, we do not know the workings of their household so we should not judge or question DNA status of kids. It is the husband’s business and his alone. We do not know how he swings or how they swing besides there are children involved so let's not go there.

Finally, I'm sorry to be crude BUT nothing in this world will open you a second anus, so dont jump.

There is no mistake/ bad decision you will make that's never been made. Recognize your mistake, apologize and seek the forgiveness of those you hurt, make peace with God and grow from there.........please dont take your life

(May Gods grace and mercy be sufficient unto  us in all things). Rest in peace Mama.

(Chaii, out here females have leaked their own sex tapes and are now hob nobbing with Presidents back home they are leaping to their deaths )

She is US based, married with 3 kids. She lives in Texas. Her husband is Tunde who works or used to work with Access Bank in Lagos. She got involved with another guy in Nigeria and they both got involved in series of adulterous activities. Her lover, an older guy as well swindled or collected over N10m from her. 

She went to arrest him only for him to publish nude pictures of them together in order to prove his innocence to the Police that whatever happened between both of them was consensual, that he's not a fraudster as claimed by the married woman. The blackmail from the man got to her husband and this compelled the husband to conduct a DNA test on all his 3 children which later turned out that they are not all his kids after all. Those kids belong to someone else. On Saturday, 9th of June, 2018, the woman drove her truck to the bridge, parked her Ford SUV van on the 3rd Mainland Bridge and jumped inside the lagoon on a suicide mission which is a resultant effect of the blackmail. Bad market/bad business/dirty game.  She's gone and the kids are left in the hands of strangers to be taken care of. Lesson to learn. 

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