Monday, 30 July 2018

PSquare: Paul Okoye Denies Allegations Of Wife Abuse Heaped On His Head His Twin Peter

Peter Okoye (Mr. P) accused his twin brother of triggering the infamous Psquare breakup by insulting his wife and kids and still expecting them to play together but Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) has responded denying the allegations.

Paul Okoye said in a new video clip that he knows nothing about what Peter is saying. Paul maintained that he was lost and confused like everyone else on the matter. He explained that he wouldn’t want to throw away what he has built over the years to the gutter. When quizzed further, Paul stated that he wouldn’t say much on the matter because it’s supposed to be private and a family affair.

I think Paul should clear his name and stop hiding behind it being a private and family affair..they made this public and should finish it publicly and if not stop talking about it and move on.

I am just wondering why in heavens name Paul would insult his brother'S wife...what did beautiful Lola do to warrant the insult? I don't get it but it is not fair if true.

Did someone say Lola is older than Peter? So what!!!... Age is nothing but a number and the duo are still going stronger those who married young wives... Mscheeew #end of a rant'

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