Monday, 20 August 2018

Domestic Violence: Singer Duncan Mighty Accused Of Beating And Abandoning His Wife

Nigerian singer, Duncan Mighty who is currently blowing up again with new songs featuring Tiwa Savage and Wizkid, has been accused by an Instagram user of domestic violence. @Okokoceline on Instagram stormed the singer’s page to rubbish the fake life he lives on social media and called him out for beating and abandoning his wife.
”What a caption “graceofGOD” You think you still have His Grace after what you did to your beautiful wife, battered and bruised her face as if she’s your punching bag. A woman, I believe loves you and cherish you. You had the guts to lay your hands on her, hit her with so much hate and here you are claiming the grace of God in your life. What kind of a human being are you? After trying to kill her, you left her, traveled.

Behaving as if nothing has happened, and she’s going through pains. While you are busy showing the social media the fake side of you, while you are such a beast in the inside. You claim you love her, but you don’t. You can’t love a woman and do such thing to her no matter what happens. I don’t know how long you have being making her go through this kinda of act since your marriage to her, but one thing am sure of is that for this to be in the news, she must have gotten it up to her neck that she can’t hold it anymore and pretend to be in peace. In order to cover your shame and protect your fame. Haters, will say the news is fake maybe it’s just a scandal to spoil your name and as well destroy the fame you have gathered again. But, I don’t think so, I believe this actually happened. I learnt that she’s even supposed to be writing an exam today in school but she can’t anymore because of what you must have done to her. I pray that, that same God you claim you have his Grace will judge you. Definitely, He will because He’s the God of Justice. He will definitely judge you for such an inhuman act. That same God you are claiming His Grace, didn’t tell you in his word that *A man who lays his hand on a woman is a COWARD? OR you don’t know that part?#besthusbandmyfoot# Karma will definitely reach for you. #Wickedness#”

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