Thursday, 23 August 2018

Man Allegedly Connives With Doctor To Remove Wife’s Womb Without Her Consent

A man is currently looking for ways to calm his angry wife, who recently found out that he connived with her doctor to remove her womb without her consent.

Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo, who shared the story on his Twitter handle, @drolufunmilayo, asked his followers for advice on how to calm the wife on Wednesday.

The doctor tweeted: “A friend shared a very sad story with me. And they need your advice. A man ran to my friend’s mom (the friend who told me the story) for help. His wife is very angry & destroying things in their house. Why: Husband connived with doctor to remove her womb without her consent.”

The man said they have five children already and “what does she need the womb for?”

And that he feels she wants to “kill him with responsibilities”, so he told the doctor to remove the womb.

I’m honestly befuddled and confused. This is a different level of control and madness.

This one is beyond me.
I can’t even wrap my head around it.

If this was a movie, I will say the producer/writer is being unrealistic.
But this is Naija.

The person will be looking out in the comments sections incase you have any suggestions that may help resolve this situation.

So based on the responses here I had to ask and clarify if this man never heard of a vasectomy before.

Because that’s a simple uncomplicated surgery that will resolve the situation.
I couldn’t understand how a man will rather have a woman go thru all this.

Here is what I found:

And on the question of wether she wants to sue him or not, pls find attached the situation of things.

So clearly it seems there are suggestions that getting him to face the law for what he has can have a negative impact on the children and the family.

This is all messed up 😢

Listening to this woman’s story and looking at this whole scenario has been quite saddening and overwhelming.

It reflects quite a lot that is very wrong with our society, with the dynamics of marriages in our culture and everything that’s wrong with some health professionals.

Talking about our society, we sadly still live in a society that tends to make women have to “live with” so much wrong done to them and have to “forgive” their abusers which more often than not is the same person who took an oath to always love and cherish them no matter what.

While I admit this is a very difficult situation, I have to say this was a totally avoidable and preventable inferno.

A simple in-depth clearcut discussion about family size between both husband and wife would have easily led to this issue never happening in the first place.

No human being has any right over another person’s body in any circumstances without their consent. Even if they are your partner. There’s a fundamental misconception that in marriage, one party completely owns the other party. This is wrong.

He/she is a partner, not a property.

The question of lawsuit is quite a controversial one because while it’s the most logical and rational thing to do to punish a person who could think up such a thing to his own wife, the perspective of considering the impact on the children, inevitably forces one to reconsider.

How are the children going to grow up knowing their father is in jail and their mother ensured it? And again how will the children grow up knowing their father is the kind of man who will literally get the womb of his own wife removed without even consulting her at all?

Really horrible situation for the woman and for the family, regardless of how you look at this and which side of the divide you stand. 

And as for the doctor, he/she should be completely prosecuted, investigated and made to face the full wrath of the law for doing this.

Overall, this is a completely sad story however it plays out, this event is one huge traumatic experience that will leave longstanding scars on that woman, that man and that family.

I hope this help create awareness to young women, young couples and everyone out there.

See Twitter thread:

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