Sunday, 19 August 2018

Stop Unemployed Nigerians From Travelling To Saudi Arabia Because They Are Suffering - Ambassador

Alhaji Muhammadu Modibbo, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, has urged the FG to ban unemployed Nigerians from traveling to the Kingdom in search of jobs, to save Nigeria’s image. 

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Modibbo made the appeal in an interview with newsmen in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

“I have sent a letter through the Foreign Affairs Ministry for government to ban such people from coming here (Saudi) because they are suffering. 

I am also appealing to Nigerians to try as much as possible to get something doing in Nigeria instead of coming here because it is not easy. Thousands of people from various countries have left here,” the envoy said.

On the prevalence of Nigerians illegally residing in the Holy land, widely believed to be involved in shady businesses, the envoy said most of them refused to return home after the expiration of their entry permits.

“Many of them have been here for many years working and will not return home but if they are arrested, they are deported instantly.”

He blamed some agents for the woes of many Nigerians working in Saudi companies and other organisations.

“The agents manage to get passports and Visa for their clients and when they have problems, they come to the embassy daily.

Some countries have banned their citizens from coming to work here because of problems being faced in Saudi Arabia. So why are Nigerians coming to face these hardships.”

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