Sunday, 16 September 2018

Furious Bride-To-Be Threatens To DELETE Her Facebook Friends If They Don't Pay $3,000 For Her Destination Wedding

A bride-to-be has issued a fuming rant to her friends on Facebook after they refused to cough up $3,000 for her destination wedding. 

The anonymous woman had her post shared on Reddit, where it quickly went viral. 

The post began by lamenting the fact that the woman's friends were unwilling to pay $3,000 to attend her destination wedding in Thailand.

'At the risk of sounding entitled... I have to vent today,' she wrote.
'When we invited our friends and family to our destination wedding in Thailand, only nine people RSVPs [sic]. Out of 150!!! 
'Ok, I get it, paying $3k to share my special day is too much for some for you, I'd pay for yours, but whatever,' she continued.
'BUT then, when we changed the wedding to be in Hawaii, so it's within everyone's reach, only 7 of your RSVPd??? 
'It costs less but less of you wanna come? Is that what you think of [blank] and me? You can't spare $2k to come share our happiness?'.
'I'm tempted to just elope and not let any of you be a part of our happiest day.
'This is it guys, you have three days to respond to our evites or we're deleting you off FB and good luck keeping up with our lives then.
'And don't get me started on the registry... Only the cheap stuff is gone, I swear I thought I had better friends.
'D and I are asking you to reconsider,' the post concluded. 
'At the risk or sounding entitled, your friendship is only worth the amount of money you will spend on me,' one person posted.
'11 likes on the post, no other emotes. That speaks volumes about her circle of friends,' another commenter added.
'Dude needs to run away. This is headed toward a train wreck. No woman is that hot'.

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